Women in Business

women businessWe offer help and free advice for business women seeking to set up or expand in the UK. Tailor-made to your needs, we work closely with the English regional development agencies and the national development agencies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We have all the useful information, advice and support you need for running your own business for yourself but not by yourself.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur there will be something for you to learn and something you can contribute to this new business community.

They are held early evening so you’ll still have some time to unwind if you’ve been at work all day!

For those exporting for the first time or businesses experienced in international trade expanding into new markets we can help develop export capabilities and provide expert advice, reliable data, and professional research.

Occasionally we’ll invite along just a few representatives from some partner organisations to offer their advice and there’ll also be a bit of a fun theme going on to keep the evening light and sociable as well as informative.

We achieve this by matching our network of experienced and qualified contacts at all experience women in business levels with our Client's business needs providing them with the solutions that they do not have time or resource to deliver themselves.

Every event will have a different topic raised by a client, and a chance to give feedback on some of the ideas women are working on.

Our international trade teams are active in over 200 posts worldwide and are available in over 45 UK offices. Our new single identity business networking signifies our continued commitment to meet the needs of companies operating worldwide. Information is available in the following languages.

Calls for more women in boardroom

SHADOW Scottish Secretary Ann McKechin is leading calls for a spin-off version of the "30% Club" north of the Border amid concerns female representation at a boardroom and senior level in this country is worse than for the UK as a whole.

We tailor management programs to meet your business needs.

Our mission is to generate maximum income while managing and operating your business in a safe and cost effective manner.

Building for the future with women's skills training

AN initiative to recruit more into the construction industry has been launched.The National Construction College (NCC) – the training division of ConstructionSkills – has developed Women and Work courses, which will run until the end of March.

  • Does the management team have sufficient knowledge and industry experience?
  • Does your management team have various courtesy skills?
  • Would you be prepared to give up a share and some control in your business?

If Women Are The Future Of Business, Where Are They?
If you attended the opening address by Angela Merkel or the private dinner in which Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee held a group of financiers in thrall with her life story, you might think that fabulous, powerful women dominate Davos.

Celebrating all that is good in local business
BIG names in local business will be out in force this Thursday for a night of celebrating all that is good in the world of business across the district.

The Leader’s Banbridge and District Business Awards will kick off in the Belmont Hotel at 7pm, with politicians joining businessmen and women for a glitzy ceremony.

If you are struggling to find your vehicle, or would like to see if we can obtain a better price for you then take advantage of our network of dealer contacts. call us or fax your requirement.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship/Strategy Faculty of Business & Management University of Lincoln Brayford "The post will involve taking responsibility for the new Masters in Entrepreneurial Management at Lincoln, as well as contributing to the development of the new enterprise and entrepreneurship centre we are establishing here.

Bristol business woman Lucy Bristow proves it pays to play fair in cutthroat business
THE recruitment sector has not always showered itself in glory over the years. The industry has built up a reputation for playing hard and not always strictly by the rulebook.